Directors of WUSL are keeping in touch with other league/club directors from around the mid-west to help make the best decisions regarding return-to-play for ultimate.  Every state and city are at different points in their recovery so we will make sure to base any decisions we make on Sedgwick County numbers and decisions the city makes.

We will continue to monitor Positive Test Rate within the county and update the league if we see trends that everyone should be aware of.  We are cautiously optimistic that this years Summer League will be fine and that we will be able to play the whole season. Please be flexible with us as we continue to navigate this environment and try to keep everyone safe while still having a season.


-We will not require masks during play (obviously you can still wear one if you want)

-Hand Sanitizer will be given to Captains for teams to use.

-Wipes will be given to Captains to clean discs before start and after halftime.

-We do recommend that players on the sideline wear them when they are not playing.  We can not enforce this, but do hope we stay safe on the sideline.

     -This suggestion should also hold for spectators who are walking among the players sideline.

-If you have a fever please do not come to the games that week.

We are hopeful to have a great season this year.  We will continue to try our best to update the league on any decisions the committee and us make during this season.  Please contact us if you have any questions


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